NeoBux: The Ultimate Work at Home BUSINESS


Inside the Back Office

NeoBux Once you are logged in, your back office will look something like this:

Account Summary: Your account summary
Banners: You can get banners to start advertising your referral link.

Personal: Here you can adjust your personal settings such as passwords, e-mails, rental hours, and forum settings.
Advertisements: If you wish to advertise on NeoBux, go here.
Golden Pack (shows up after you upgrade): Shows the Golden Pack that you have.

Direct: A listing of your direct referrals (none until you've been a member 30 days).
Rented: A listing of your rented referrals.
Statistics: Brings up charts for your direct/rented referrals.

History: Shows what you have done to your account( Get referrals/Get payments/Get upgrades)
Login: Shows what IP address/passwords used to log into that account.

Since: The day that you register on NeoBux.
Type: The type of membership that you have (Standard/Golden)
Expires: When your golden pack expires.
Golden Pack Expires: When your golden pack expires

Direct: How many direct referrals you have.
Rented: How many rented referrals you have.

Advertisement clicks-
Yours: How many advertisement clicks you have made since you were a member.
Referrals: The total amount of clicks that your referrals have made since you were a member.

Main Balance: How much money you have in your main balance.
Renting Balance: How much money is in your rental balance.

In the top right hand corner, you can always access this main page, no matter where you go on the site, by clicking on your account name.

Click around and see what everything leads to. Learn your back office so you know what is available and how to get around.

Next Step: Start Earning Money!

If you have any questions, contact me (your sponsor). I will be glad to help!

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