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How do I make MORE money?

NeoBux - Increasing your income.

Rent referrals to earn more money!

What are referrals?
A referral is someone who works for you.

A referral receives what everyone receives when they view adverts: Money!

But if a user views an advertisement and is your referral, you also get paid.

Ultimately, a referral is another member like us, every time they view an advertisement and earn money, we also earn from it, you lose nothing.

There are currently two types of referrals and two methods of acquiring them them:

Direct Referrals:
Users who register under you by putting your user name as their referrer.

Rented referrals:
You initially rent them for one calendar month, but you will be extending the rental time each month.

So how is it done?
There are currently three methods to obtain referrals:

Use the banner on your site or a link in your email signature:
The banner is an image and a link which you can use on any website and when people click it they automatically appear as your referral after they register so long as you have met the 30 days of membership and 100 click requirement. You can get the banners in your back office.

Just tell everyone you know to register with NeoBux and type your username in the "Referrer" field during the registration process but do not send spam emails as it can lead to your account being suspended, have a thorough read of the terms of service if you have any doubts.

You can rent referrals that work for you. You simply pay NeoBux for your referrals. Those you rent are active, meaning they have clicked at least 10 advertisements in the last 5 days.

The prices per month are:

The number of rented referrals that each user can have is relative to his/her type of membership/pack as follows:

The rental balance is used to rent referrals and pay for extending them.

Before you continue, you may want to read the strategy page which will show you how you can earn $20, $50 or more dollars per day without investing anything out of pocket!

You can deposit money into your rental balance by going to your account page by going to your account summary.
Click on the little blue plus sign to the right of Rental Balance:

You can transfer money into the Renting Balance through your Main Balance (once you've earned some from ad clicking)/AlertPay/PayPal/Netteller. See this page for this step.

BUT do NOT rent them until your second day of clicking! I did mine the first day and regretted it because you only get paid on referral clicks if you have clicked your own ads the day before!

So I paid for a day of referrals that I couldn't possibly get paid for since I wasn't even a member the day before! Don't make that mistake, wait for day 2 to rent them.

How do I rent referrals?

We first go to the administration page of our account by clicking on our user name in top right hand corner.

Make sure your RENTAL BALANCE is funded.
See this page for this step.

Click on REFERRALS in the bar above the chart

Mine is grayed out because I already rented referrals this week. When it is green, you can rent.

You can choose how many referrals you want to rent in the next window.

They come in packages of 3/10/20/30/50/70/100.

When you rent referrals, they last 30 days and after 30 days they expire and you lose them. However, you can choose to extend them so that you will keep that referral slot and they will continue to make you money. You do NOT want to ever let a referral slot expire!

The options to renew are:
  • Autopay(10% Discount) - Autopay pays to extend a referral an extra day when that referral clicks.
  • 30 Day Renewal
  • 60 Day Renewal (10% Discount)
  • 90 Day Renewal (18% Discount)
  • 150 Day Renewal (25% Discount)
  • 240 Day Renewal (30% Discount)
You can renew your referrals by clicking the Rented button on the left sidebar or Rented Referral Listing on the upper right corner.

It will bring you to a screen that shows your rented referral listing. Here you can manage your referrals that you have through recycling and extending. You can extend your referral through this page by checking the box next to them and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

In the table you can see several columns:
  • Referral: This is the user name of your referral or a masked number that identifies you anonymously.
  • Your referral since: Here you can see the date and time you first rented or recycled this referral.
  • Next payment: Displays the days remaining for that referral to expire, pay them for another month if you do not want to lose them.
  • Last click: Displays the day that the referral made their last click
  • Clicks: Displays the total amount of clicks that the referral has made whilst they have been working for you.
  • Avg: An abbreviation of average which is calculated from since the first day you acquired the referral
A rented referral belongs to you for one calendar month. You must pay them again within a month if you want them to continue being a part of your team.


AutoPay offers a 10% discount from regular 30 day renewing and can be very useful. AutoPay will pay to keep a referral an extra day instead of monthly. AutoPay pays for each referral that click today to be renewed one day. Autopay is easy to use as you do not have to worry about extending your referrals if they click daily.

Say you have 500 rented referrals. If that referral clicks that day, $0.0060 will be taken out of your account to pay that referral an extra day.

If you have 1000 rented referrals and a referral clicks that day, $0.0070 will be taken out of your account to pay that referral and extra day.

To enable AutoPay, click on the rented referral page and at the top of the screen you will see this:

Click on [ENABLE] to enable AutoPay or you can disable AutopPay by clicking [DISABLE].

Direct referrals can also be used on NeoBux to earn you money. You can only get direct referrals after you have been a member of NeoBux for at least 30 days and you have a minimum of 100 clicks done on your account by you. Direct referrals are the same as rented referrals since they earn you money for every click that they make. However, you do not have to rent them or pay to keep them.


Referrals are people just like you and me. They come to this website to make some extra money, however there are some who click sometimes and decide to stop or they forget. You can recycle that referral and get another one who is hopefully better than that recycled referral.

It costs money to recycle that referral, and it is better to recycle them instead of keeping a bad referral who will not earn you money. Normally it will cost $0.07 to recycle a referral, but with certain Golden Pack upgrades it is cheaper.

On the Rented Referral page you can click on the green button and it will bring up a drop down menu which asks if you wish to recycle them. You must have money in your Rental Balance to recycle and if you do not, just transfer the amount needed then recycle.

Referrals that have not clicked in 14 days are recycled automatically and for free by the system. Strategically, it is more cost effective to recycle them before 14 days as you are paying rent on that spot with no income coming in from it. But waiting for automatic recycle is an option.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: You must click your 4 (or 9 if you are golden) ads every day if we want to receive money from your referrals tomorrow. If you do not make any clicks in a day according to server time,  you will not be credited any of the clicks your referrals make on the following day. This can be read in more detail in section 3.7 of the NeoBux terms of service.

Make sure you understand the difference between a RENTAL SLOT and a REFERRAL. When you rent referrals, you are paying for one month's rent in advance. You are paying for a RENTAL SLOT, occupied by one REFERRAL.

The REFERRAL in each slot can be changed (recycled) as many times as necessary to get a good clicker into the slot, but the slot is still rented for 1 month only until you extend it.

You do not ever want to let that RENTAL SLOT expire, so if the number of days left to renewal get below 20 days, you are going to have to EXTEND the rent on that slot by checking the box and then going to the roll down menu at the bottom and choosing a length of time to rent it for. The longer you rent it for, the bigger your discount price.

If you have autopay turned on, every day the referral clicks will extend the rent for one day at a 10% discount. But if the referral doesn't click often enough to keep that slot extended, you will have to pay to extend it instead.

This is where you can save a ton of money by extending for up to 240 days with a 30% discount. It costs more up front, but allows for more profits sooner down the line.

Personally, I have started to extend my referral slots the same day I rent them for at least 90 days or longer if I have the funds. And I have turned autopay off. By extending now, I save more money and even if I have to recycle the referral in the slot, the slot won't expire for at least 3 months.

As I said, it is more costly to do it this way upfront, but it will allow for more and bigger profits sooner in the long run.

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If you have any questions, contact me (your sponsor). I will be glad to help!

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