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Frequently Asked Questions

NeoBux - Frequently asked questions

How much do I earn for each ad that I view?

That depends on the type of advert you've viewed and the type of account you own.

At NeoBux there are currently three types of ads:
Mini Ads: These have a 15 second duration and pay you $0.005 irrespective of your membership status.
Standard Ads: They are the most common. They have a white background and give us up to $0.02 each.
Extended Ads: These are selected by advertisers who want their advert to draw more attention than the rest. They have a blue background. Golden users are paid $0.02 while the pioneer and standard are paid $0.015 for viewing an extended advertisement.

How much do I earn for each ads my referrals view?
That depends on the type of account you have and the type of advert your referral has viewed.
Golden Members receive $0.01 per referral click and $0.02 if it is a referral viewing an extended advert.
Standard members receive $0.005 per referral click and $0.01 if it is a referral viewing an extended advert.

How many ads can I get to see?
That depends on the type of account you have.
Standard members have a minimum of 4 adverts per day.
Golden members have a minimum of 9 adverts per day.
Emerald members have a minimum of 10 adverts per day.
Sapphire members have a minimum of 10 adverts per day.
Platinum members have a minimum of 12 adverts per day.
Diamond members have a minimum of 12 adverts per day.
Ultimate members have a minimum of 15 adverts per day.

Throughout the day you can still view some adverts that advertisers purchase, but they do not last as long as the others above. Depending on the number of clicks the advertisers purchase, we are able to click more adverts but they are irregular.

How long do I have to wait to receive my money?

All you have to do is reach the minimum amounts in order to request a payment, currently they start from $2.00 for the first payment, $3.00 for the second, $4.00 for the third and it continues in $1.00 increments up to $10.00 where it remains.
Once you've reached the minimum amounts you can request a payment and you will receive it instantly.

What is AutoPay?

AutoPay fees vary depending on the type of account and the amount of referrals you have, you can see the prices on this table:

When we rent referrals they are ours for one calendar month. Before the end of the month we have to pay them for another 30 or 60 (10% discount) or 90 (18% discount) days if we want them to continue working for us. NeoBux gives us some statistics on each referral:

In this case and underlined in red we see that one of my referrals will have to be paid in 67 days, the second in 36 days and the third in 56 days if I want to keep them working for me. Autopay is recommended to have referrals paid slowly and avoid paying them in large amounts.

The AutoPay feature is used to pay referrals for another day. The advantage of this is that in the end you can save 10% on renewing costs!

Autopay works like this:
From the day you rent referrals their days remaining decreases 1 per day except when you have autopay enabled. Lets assume that the first day they could not click, but in the second day they could, the first day  the referral will lose a day and you will not earn any money although on the second day, the referral is automatically paid at a discounted rate for another day so their days remaining stays the same, we rent the  referrals for a month in advance and when they click an advert they are paid for another day in advance with a 10% discount, for standard members, autopay only works when the rented referral has 20 or more days remaining so it is prudent to keep all of your referrals above 20 days if you have the autopay feature enabled.

To summarize:
The first time your referral clicks an advert per day a predetermined amount of money is automatically deducted from your rental balance, if you do not have enough money in your rental balance it is deducted from your main balance, the money which is deducted is at a discounted rate.

If they do not click, no money is deducted and their days remaining decreases by 1 day.

It only works for referrals with more than 20 days remaining, exceptions are 18 days for Sapphire members, 14 days for Diamond members and 10 days for Ultimate members.
You save 10% renewing costs on the days that the referral clicks.

Facts to consider:

On neobux you rent referrals for a calendar month, when the days remaining reaches 0, the referral is removed from your list and you will lose him or her.

You can pay to extend the referrals for another 30 days, another 60 days at a 10% discount or another 90 days at a 20% discount.

Can I get more details on direct referrals?

First of all, you can only have direct referrals after you meet these conditions:

  • Been a member for at least 30 days
  • Have made at least 100 clicks

After these conditions are met, the direct referral you can have will be based first on the following limit:
  • Standard: 30
  • Pioneer: 60
  • Golden: 200
  • Golden+Pioneer: 250
  • Golden/Emerald: 300
  • Golden/Sapphire: 300
  • Golden/Platinum: 400
  • Golden/Diamond: 400
  • Golden/Ultimate: 800

Depending on how many days you've been registered, all those days, minus the first 30, will count towards a limit increase.
This means that the older member you are, the more referrals you may have.
The amount will be based on your current membership/pack and the days you're registered (minus 30). This amount will vary and is explained below:
  • Standard/Pioneer = Days-30 divided by 4
  • Golden (without a pack) = Days-30 divided by 2
  • Golden (with a pack) = Days-30

For example, if you have been registered for 330 days (which minus 30 gives 300 days):
  • Standard= 30 + (300/4) = 105
  • Golden = 200 + (300/2) = 350
  • Golden (Ultimate) = 800 + 300 = 1100

If a user registers with your username he/she won't be your referral if you haven't met the 30 days/100 clicks condition or have reached the limit of allowed direct referrals.

You can always remove all direct referrals you don't want to make room for new ones.

How do I recycle?

Recycling a referral will cost up to $0.07 for each referral. Only rented referrals can be recycled and when they are recycled we are given a referral who is active in exchange for the inactive one. With active, I mean that we are given a replacement who has at clicked at least 10 adverts in the last 5 days.

To recycle a referral you can click on the green arrows that are in the same row: and then confirm by clicking on "YES" or if you have enough funds in your rental balance you can select individual check boxes and scroll to the foot of the page and select I want to recycle them on the drop down menu.

Why are referral clicks not credited to me?

When this situation occurs it is usually because you have not made any clicks or at least not enough on the previous day. According to section 3.7 of the terms of service if one day you do not click adverts, the following day you will not be credited for the clicks your referrals make. you must ensure that the adverts you view are according to the neobux server time and not only according to your local time as the terms of service 3.7 is based on server time.

If you are not credited for your referral clicks you can look at your account summary page by clicking on your username or directly from here and check the two advertisements click charts. If 0 clicks appear on the server time chart then this is the reason why this is happening and you should click at a different time but at the same time daily and ensure that the clicks are being credited according to the server time chart.

I have activated the AutoPay and I lost referrals, why?

AutoPay only works for the referrals who have 20 or more days until their next payment date, exceptions apply to the golden packs. If a referral clicks on a day it only increases their next payment date by 1 day so if the rented referral does not click very often in the end they will fall out of the autopay 20 days remaining requirement and their days remaining will decrease by 1 per day until you extend them so they will have 20 or more days remaining.

Why do my referrals have unusual names?

When a rented referral has a name such as "R123456" this means for privacy reasons the username is hidden. All of us can hide our user name at any time so that other people do not know who we are for whatever reason. To hide your name you have to go to the personal setting page here and look for "Show my username" using the drop down menu select yes or no, usernames are hidden by default.

Is my rented referral profiting when I rent him?

No one knows this, and it is not a concern so long as the rented referral clicks enough adverts to pay for themselves for another month and more which would be your profits, if a rented referral is not active enough for your liking you always have the option to recycle them for a small fee.

What is the Rental balance?

The rental balance is a balance that only serves to rent more referrals and to pay expenses incurred by recycling and extending your rented referrals. Money in the rental balance can not be transferred to your main balance, used to purchase membership upgrades, nor can it be cashed out.

When can I click my adverts again?

Each country has a different time. To see it you have to click on "View Advertisements" (the top) and on the left you will see:

From that time onwards you can click again. This time is based on your local time. Again, ensure the clicks you make are based on the server time.

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Here are some interesting stats posted Jan 2010 by Admin (in the forum) 2010/01/08 at 21:01

For many valid reasons, we do not share our internal statistics.
It's of our best interest to keep some things private for business and / or legal reasons.

But there are a few that you've always wondered and now you'll know.

Below you'll find some facts and figures that NeoBux has made throughout its life. All of these have been made according to our own records being them internal or by third-party monitoring software.

Hope you enjoy satisfying a bit of your curiosity.
Here goes:

Total monetary amount paid: over $15,511,000.00 (this was in January. It is now over 24 Million)
This value is only related to cashouts.

Total monetary amount earned: over $47,910,000.00
This value includes cashouts and all that the users have earned.

Membership renewal rate: 98.1%
This percentage only includes the total of Golden membership extensions. Re-upgrades are not included nor users whose accounts have been suspended.

Golden Pack renewal rate: 98.8%
This percentage includes all Golden Packs extensions.

Total amount of distinct advertisements displayed: 14651
This value is for all distinct advertisements added by users that have been displayed at least once.

Total amount of distinct banners displayed: 986
This value is for all distinct banners added in any of the pages where banners are displayed.

Total amount of answered support tickets: 123911
This value only relates to tickets sent directly from user's accounts.

Average waiting time to answer a support ticket: 36 minutes and 12 seconds.
This is the average time it takes for answering a support ticket since the time it arrives. Sometimes it can take a few days, sometimes a few seconds but that's the average time.

Total amount of auto-clicker attempts: 118598141
This is the amount of every attempt (not distinct) made to view an advertisement using any kind of software/script.

Total amount of returned users: 87.6%
This is only related to reopened accounts for the 30 day inactivity rule.

Highest amount of times a unique user has been recycled: 14
Just as a trivia, this user had his/her account reopened for inactivity 6 times (so far).

Total of direct referrals users sold us: 784156
Only actual sales are included.

Highest cashed out amount in a single transaction: $20,744.06
This is the highest of all payments we've made.

Highest amount of the total of cashouts from a single user: 324
This is the amount of times one user has requested payments.

Biggest ROI ever achieved by a user: 37 times (3700%)
This is the biggest return of investment made by a single user.

Percentage of referrals under AutoPay: 74.1%
This is the total number of users (referrals) that are being paid using AutoPay.

Percentage of rentals by membership: Standard: 1.03%, Golden: 98.97%
This is the percentage related to each type of membership's rented referrals.

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