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What is NeoBux...

... And how do I earn $20 - $50 a Day with

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NeoBux is a free worldwide advertising service available in both English and Portuguese languages.

The service allows advertisers to get thousands of potential customers to view their advertisements.

NeoBux members view advertisements for a short duration specified by the advertiser.

After viewing an advertisement, the member receives a monetary value to their account.

The site is free to use, and there's no need to pay anything to start earning today!


- Solid and stable multi-million dollar company in business and growing for over 2 years
- Earn DAILY
- Instant Payouts
- Paypal and AlertPay Certified
- International
- Takes 5-10 minutes per day

What's not to love?

How to make $50 or more per day with Neobux

Nov. 11, 2010

Posted by Suzanna Dreyer

Hello Interested People,

6 years ago, I ran across a site while surfing that explained what NeoBux is all about and how one can get started with no investment whatsoever.

So I joined and started googling not only info on the company, but once I determined that it is totally legit, (this company has been in business since early 2008 and has paid out over 24 Million so far!) I googled about strategy.

While you can join and work your way up to a nice monthly income without paying a red cent, you can also choose to invest a few dollars, even a few hundred if you are of a mind, and get a faster start on earnings.

This can be an actual, real money, work at home "job" for anyone. No kidding. It is relatively easy and cheap to get to the point of making $20-$50 a day, but your income is actually unlimited and my goal is $7k per month. It won't happen right away, but it is definitely a real possibility over the next several months. Check out the earnings calculator on the more info page.

NeoBux is a Paid Per Click business. You get paid for clicking on ads (you are allowed 4 per day to start). As I said, the company is legit and has been in business for well over 8 years. It is also extremely well structured and programmed. Definitely set up for a long term lifespan!

They accept paypal, payza, skrill and neteller (all good signs that they are legit as all of these payment processors can and do have problems with fly by night setups). And payouts start at $2 minimum and are INSTANTLY paid to your AP, PP or NT account.

Why has it taken me a month to post this? Well, first I wanted some hands on experience before I offered it so I could help y'all with any questions etc. But secondly because you are NOT ALLOWED direct referrals until you've been a member for 30 days and have clicked at least 100 ads!

But in the meantime, I have RENTED REFERRALS. Yes, you can actually RENT REFERRALS from NeoBux and be paid on your downline's clicks every day. A passive members dream come true!

If you join and get started without investing, which is fine, it will take PATIENCE to get to the point of renting referrals. But you can also spend a little and start renting them your second day. Below are the many tips and strategies I have gleaned from sites of members that have been in a while.

But first, please JOIN here and click your first 4 ads.

Then look around and maybe even fund your account if you want to start renting referrals right away. BUT do NOT rent them until your second day of clicking!! I did mine the first day and regretted it because you only get paid on referral's clicks if you have clicked your own ads the day before! So I paid for a day of referrals that I couldn't possibly get paid for since I wasn't even a member the day before! Don't make that mistake, wait for day 2 to rent them (if you choose that option).

Please sign up NOW and start clicking. Add the site to your daily rounds so you never forget to click a day. Consider making it your homepage so you don't forget! Start building up to renting referrals so that eventually you have an army of clickers making you money every day!

Have fun and THANK YOU!!


If you have any questions, contact me (your sponsor). I will be glad to help!